Ashira, the new production of El-Funoun culminates more than three decades of its history and artistic work. Ashira is a multi-media production that combines mythology with contemporary issues lived daily by Palestinians connecting as such authenticity with modernity. The stylized dance and music are produced with the concerted efforts of El-Funoun’s artistic and administrative teams joined by the creativity of renowned Palestinian artists. This multi-disciplinary artistic medium includes an intensive use of theatre and cinema including screening of films compiled from Palestinian archives; the music is specifically composed for the production while the story unfolds with lyrics sung by a choir and individual vocalists giving a correlation of myth and reality.  The 80 minutes long production includes 21 scenes where dance, music, theatre and cinema are intertwined; soloists and groups of dancers express the different themes through a stylized combination of folklore-inspired and modern dance styles, coupled with the singing, the sound and light effects and strongly supported by the film screening on three screens that form a backdrop to each scene.