CD Zajel 2014 / Rejuvenate the vigor of Palestinian folklore
Inspired by Palestinian folkoric songs, this music production is compiled by El-Funoun Dance Troupe based on in-depth research using resources from the Popular Art Centre library and El-Funoun archives, The 14 songs rejuvenate the vigor of Palestinian folklore through new arrangements by Tareq Al-Nasser, authentic lyrics that reconnect the past and future of Palestinian identity. 

CD Zaghareed  1997 / The Palestinian Wedding 

Recognizing its role in preserving and developing Palestinian folklore, El-Funoun decided to present a new folklore-based production that the young would identify with.  Zaghareed combines authenticity with originality through one of the richest icons in Palestinian heritage, the Palestinian wedding.  

CD Zareef 2006 / The charm of traditional Palestinian music

Nostalgic, warm, worldly and enchanting, El-Funoun’s new musical release is a collection of the most popular Arab-Palestinian folk tunes which had been revived and gained renown over 27 years through the dance group’s classic dances set to them. Zareef reveals Palestine’s rich musical heritage and passion for life.  

CD Zaffa 2010 / Folkloric tunes from Palestine

A musical pieces and songs sung by El-Funoun during its many productions while working with the most important musicians in Palestine. These pieces were never released on CD.  As part of El-Funoun 30 year celebration, El-Funoun produced this CD as a culmination of its past significant legacy in music.