Raqsit Shamis 2006

A dance production inspired by timeless Arab-Palestinian heritage that strikes a delicate balance between modernity and heritage. Raqsit Shamis blends themes of love, harvest, praying for rain, nostalgia, flirtation and defiance.  Based on major repertoire by El-Funoun, its music has been re-arranged and dance has been re-choreographed for this production which mainly addresses the young generation of Palestine. Raqsit Shamis aims at sharing Palestine’s cultural dynamism with the world and contributing to Palestinian emancipation and social progress

Prepared and produced by: El-Funoun Dance Troupe
Music: Tarek An-Nasser (based on folkloric tunes)
Choreography: Noora Baker, Omar Barghouti, Khaled Qatamesh
Assistant Choreographers: Sharaf Dar Zayed, Hussein A’amar, Najeh Masalmeh, Maher Shawamreh, Ata Khattab, Nassir Mansour