DVD Talla Wara Talla 1994.

 “Talla Wara Talla” was presented as a collection of some newly interpreted old dances and some novel, dances and songs that carried substantial elements of change.


DVD Haifa Beirut and Beyond  2003

By revisiting Palestinian modern history in this work, El-Funoun hopes to contribute to the undergoing process of reformulating Palestinian cultural identity.

Another important objective is exposing Palestinians to more contemporary artistic expressions that defy predetermined notions of how Palestinian dance “should” be, and what themes it “ought to” address.

DVD Emotional rescue 2005

In the summer of 2005, Helena Waldmann together with the El-Funoun Dance Troupe made a 20-minute dance film.  Six dancers from El-Funoun told the German choreographer their stories of blockades and violations of human rights. Their narratives are about solitary confinement, military checkpoints and of people who are traumatized by walls, fences and the restrictions to freedom of movement. The film shows the divided landscape, the closed-in enclave of Qalqilya and the patrolling military helicopters over occupied Palestine.


DVD Raqsit Shamis (Dance of the Sun) 2006

A dance Production inspired by timeless Arab-Palestinian heritage striking a delicate balance between modernity and heritage, contemporariness and roots, Raqsit Shamis aims at sharing Palestine’s cultural vigour with the world and contributing to Palestinian emancipation and social progress. Blending themes of love, harvest, praying for rain, nostalgia, flirtation and defiance, this gripping dance production performed by Bara’em, the youth group of Palestine’s leading dance company, El-Funoun, promises to capture the hearts of viewers in Palestine, the Arab world and beyond.


DVD Dance Freedom! 2009

The Lure of Palestinian dance, Dance Freedom, is a selection of El-Funoun’s classic, folk-inspired repertoire striking a delicate balance between modernity and heritage. 


DVD Images Remembered 2009

Is a new artistic and exquisite expression employing innovative ideas and dance styles combined with inherited traditional techniques. Together they reflect the various important eras of our recent history. The dance symbolizes the will of the Palestinian people in keeping the memory alive despite all schemes to annihilate them.